Houston Christmas Mini Photo Sessions

Houston Christmas Mini Photo Sessions

Believe it or not…. which I simply can’t believe….the Houston Christmas Mini Photo Sessions season is fast approaching!  I’m so excited for this year’s sessions!  Our Christmas Mini Photo Sessions this year are not just ordinary photo sessions!

First up is our Christmas Tree Farm sessions!  The family photo sessions take place on a real live Christmas Tree Farm with the option of having a portrait taken with no Christmas elements for those year around wall art pieces.  The Christmas Tree Farm is in Magnolia Texas at Spring Creek Growers.

The sessions will be held October 20th and November 17th.  The October 20th sessions will take place before the farm opens for the Christmas season.  October 20th is a great opportunity to grab those photos early before the Christmas rush and to get a jump on your Christmas cards.

If you would like to experience the whole Christmas feel, then November 17th is the date for you.  The farm will be open to the public with all the festivities taking place including the purchasing of Christmas trees.

The mini photo sessions at the Christmas Tree Farm include 15 minutes of photo session time, online gallery, and 5 digital files with print release for $150 plus tax.  If you’d like to receive a better value, you can double the number of digital files to ten for $100 more.


Houston Christmas Mini Sessions | Christmas Tree Farm


Next for our Christmas Mini Photo Sessions we are hosting our 2nd annual Santa Mini’s.  Yep, Santa will be here with Little Wonders Portraiture to visit with the kids and take pictures on November 10 and 11th.   Last years Santa Mini’s were such great success we just had to invite him back.

This year’s theme for the Santa Mini’s is Holly Jolly Santa in a Christmas Lodge setting.  This will be a great opportunity for the kids to come adorned in their Christmas pj’s.  Santa will be in lodge attire ready to listen to the kids share their lists and thoughts.

The sessions will be held in Dayton, TX at the Masonic Lodge just like last years sessions.  Sessions include 10 minutes of photography time, 5 digital files and print release, online gallery, Christmas list template and coloring sheet for $150 plus tax.



Houston Christmas Mini Sessions | Santa Mini Session


To reserve your date and time for either Houston Christmas Mini Photo sessions from Little Wonders Portraiture simply click the store link and pay the deposit.  Afterwards, in an email from us,  you will receive an agreement and questionnaire to be completed electronically.  For the Santa mini’s the kids will receive the Christmas list template through email for you to print, complete and bring with you to session.

Thank you all so much for your interest in our Christmas Mini Photo Sessions!   If you have any questions please contact us using our contact form.




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2018 Summer Mini Sessions

What’s a Mini Session?

It’s time for my 2018 Summer Mini Sessions!  What’s a mini session you ask?  A mini session is a very short session, usually around 15 minutes, for a much smaller fee than a regular session.  Mini Session’s also usually have a certain theme whether holiday, imaginative, seasonal, etc.   They are an excellent opportunity for someone to get some wonderful photos whether children or entire family at a very affordable price and a great session length.   Let’s be honest, those little ones and sometimes daddy’s (LOL) have a very short time span that allows for a nice posed smile.   Mini Sessions are also a great way to get some updated photos every year  of your children or families growth without committing to an entire session.  So if you don’t mind a themed look, you could get some beautiful art for your home, or pictures for your Christmas cards, etc.

Mini sessions are normally scheduled on one or two particular days chosen by the photographer.  For that reason there are limited spots available for sessions.   It is scheduled this way in order for the photographer to book a number of sessions without having to setup more than 1-2 times.   Sometimes the props and themes can be very intense.   Photographers also offer them periodically so that those that can’t afford regular sessions will have the opportunity to get portraits done.  It’s just not smart for a photographer to offer them on an “any day” schedule and have to setup the props a number of times.

To book a mini session a person must follow the photographer through their social media, visiting their web site and subscribing to their newsletter.   This way you don’t miss the announcement or miss out on grabbing one of the limited spots.  My Mini Sessions are posted first through our VIP Facebook group to allow former clients or people that particularly follow me the chance to book first.  You can join my Facebook VIP group by visiting here and requesting to join.

I’ve previously announced my 2018 Summer Mini Sessions in the group and are now announcing them here on the blog.

2018 Summer Mini Sessions

My 2018 Summer Mini Sessions consists of a Fireworks Stand for the 4th of July, Super Hero Mini Sessions, and Watermelon Mini Sessions.

The Fireworks Stand Mini Session is the first in the lineup set for June 30 in Kingwood Texas.  The set consists of a lot of firework props displayed on various crates and buckets, as well as stuck in the ground, and surrounding our wooden fireworks stand.  A patriotic blanket is provided for the kids or family to sit on in front of the stand as well as a child’s adirondack chair.  A lot of crafting went into my fireworks display and I’ve never had so much fun!

Fireworks Stand Mini Session4th of July Mini Session Kingwood Texas

The second in my lineup is my Super Hero Mini Sessions set for July 19th and 20th.  These sessions will be held inside my home studio in Kingwood Texas.  I decided to go with these indoor for three reasons….one, it’s super hot in July, two, I have a really cool city backdrop and three, it’s really much easier to make your child look like they were flying if I have fixed points of reference.  Yep, that’s right, one image will be of your child flying.  The kids think this is super cool too.   Super Hero capes, masks, and arm bands will be available to borrow for session.

Super Hero Mini Sessions Kingwood TexasSuper Hero Mini Session Houston TexasMini Session Kingwood Texas


The third in our lineup is our Watermelon Mini Sessions set for July 27th and 28th.  The watermelon sessions will also be held in Kingwood Texas.  These sessions will be held outdoors because that’s where kids should eat watermelon slices.  LOL.   Talk about messy!  But don’t you just love little watermelon faces?  This session will consist of crates and buckets of watermelon and possibly a quilt for sitting on.  The kids will also get their very own slice to eat.  Unfortunately, at the time of me typing this, I don’t have any images to show you….but I’m sure you can imagine.  We will get some ASAP.

Watermelon Mini Session KingwoodMini Session Houston Texas

More info on our 2018 Summer Mini Sessions?

Well, that wraps up my lineup for 2018 Summer Mini Sessions.  If you would like to read more information or book a spot for a mini please visit the Recollection Road Photography store page under the mini session heading on my website by clicking here.

You may also e-mail me at littlewonders@recollectionroad.com or complete the contact form on my website.

Have a great summer!



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Holiday Mini Sessions

We, at Little Wonders Portraiture, are so excited for 2017’s holiday mini sessions!  Little Wonders Portraiture is offering three different Holiday Mini Sessions this season, north Houston in Kingwood, Humble and Dayton TX.  Two sessions are family oriented and the third option is for the kiddos.   We, also, welcome those needing maternity, engagement, milestone sessions, etc. to take advantage of the special pricing.  So check us out and reserve your spot before they are all gone.

Our first Holiday Mini Session is our fall session to be on location just outside of Kingwood in Humble Texas.  This particular session is considered our “Fall” session and will focus around family.  Ideally families should wear fall colors to coordinate with the woodsy area and the limited fall props.  We have opted to not have full fall setups to allow the focus to remain completely on the family.  We will however have a few pumpkins and other elements to incorporate and even hold little ones attention.  Our Fall sessions will be held Saturday, October 21 and Sunday, October 22.  To reserve your time and for more details please visit our mini session link on our website.

Holiday Mini Sessions, Fall Mini Session in Kingwood TX. Click to book your session today.


The second option for a Holiday Mini Session with Little Wonders Portraiture is our Christmas Mini Session also taking place in Humble TX.  The session will have a simple setup consisting of a white lights and elegant seating giving that Christmas feel while still allowing the focus to remain on the family.  We recommend winter color choices for your family’s wardrobe.  Take a look at our “what to wear” pinterest board for some great ideas on colors and coordinating the family with contrasting tones.  Our Christmas Mini Sessions will take place on Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5.  To reserve your time and for more details regarding this holiday mini session please visit the same link as above.

Christmas Holiday Mini Sessions in Houston Texas. Click to reserve your spot today.


Now!….about our third option for a Holiday Mini Session!  I am BEYOND excited about this mini.  Our third choice is our Milk, Cookies & Santa Mini Session.   This mini session will be extra special for the little ones.  Featuring a milk and cookie feast with the big man himself!! This particular mini session will take place in Dayton Texas.  Our indoor setup will be a soft setup with creams, whites, hunter greens, weathered wood and deep reds….and of course Christmas Lights and Trees.  To keep with the Christmas feel and soft setup I recommend dressing little ones in Christmas attire or creams, whites, golds and khakis.  I think jeans will work well too.  Our Milk, Cookies and Santa Sessions will take place on Saturday, November 12 and Sunday, November 13.  To reserve your time and for more details regarding this holiday mini session please visit this link.


Santa Holiday Mini Sessions Kingwood Texas Click to reserve your time today.


Once we receive your reserved time and payment we will send out electronic forms to gather and give information to you.  If you have any additional questions please simply comment on this post or e-mail me at littlewonders@recollectionroad.com.

If you are interested in any of our regular portrait sessions please see our investment page for pricing and investment details.  We’d love to get to work with you!




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Life Must Go On | Houston Texas Family Photographer

Life Must Go On

I had the hardest time coming back to work after what all of us Texans went through and continue to go through in these past couple of weeks or so but life must go on.  The amount of devastation we have witnessed has been beyond traumatic.   According to Wikipedia “the resulting floods inundated hundreds of thousands of homes, displaced more than 30,000 people and prompted more than 17,000 rescues.”  That is traumatizing.

Texans have lost so much through this catastrophe.  Homes, photos, vehicles, food, jobs, businesses and the list goes on and on.  I’m so relieved the the number of fatalities in relation to the numbers devastated remains very low.  The majority of us still have our lives, we still have each other.  Nothing is more valuable that so life must go on.

Now that the initial shock of this enormity has subsided somewhat I wonder how life must go on.  Well….Texas Strong, God Strong, that’s how.  Nothing has put a bigger smile on my life than seeing the number of people, of Texans who have bonded and held strong with one another, to one another.   It has been inspiring….It has been comforting.   It’s been down right amazing.   And I honestly, after everything, I feel proud to be a part of such a place and would hate to miss out…..ironic right?   It has restored my faith.

The obtaining of new material possessions, new homes, new cars, replaced clothing, etc. will of course come into play.  It must, because life goes on.  I, however, hope that we hang on deeply to the comradery we have witnessed and participated.  I hope our faith remains fixed in God whom has answered a lot of prayers.  It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.   I hope we can be an example to other communities, to other states….to our nation.  This devastation may have ripped our lives apart but it bonded our lives together.

As a Christian and a Texan through God and with my community my life will continue.  I now have a new appreciation for my particular job that was so hard to return to.  As I drove through collapsed neighborhoods witnessing all that was lost and the families beginning recovery, I reflected on how all life moves forward.  Time doesn’t stop for a hurricane.  Children continue to grow, relationships continue to blossom, and we all continue to get older.  Its important to capture those moments while they are fresh.  Life must go on and when the moment passes it is gone forever.  I hope somehow I can help provide and/or replace those images…. those lost portraits with new ones…..those never taken with captured memories.   Portraits of families still intact…. portraits of the dear friends we have made.  Those are the important things we have retained and gained through this storm.  Let’s all hold onto them.

I now have a new found excitement in the freshness of our attitudes, the life within our cities, homes and jobs.  What a blessing!….Life must go on.


If you wish to book a session with Little Wonders Portraiture please complete our contact form and we will get with you asap.

Life Must Go on in Texas with God

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A Newborn Model Call | Kingwood, Houston, TX

A Newborn Model Call | Kingwood, Houston, TX

Little Wonders Portraiture is excited to announce we are having a Newborn Model Call in Kingwood, TX.   What is a model call exactly?  A model call is when a photographer advertises to acquire models related to specific types of photography in order to build portfolios, refine skills, utilize props, and a number of other things.  In this particular case we are specifically hosting a newborn model call in an effort to refine poses, utilize new props and to build portfolio for our particular organic style.

A Newborn Model Call is an excellent opportunity for those seeking a newborn session to acquire not only the session for free but to receive free images as well as discounted products.  Not to mention you will be among the first to be featured with various new props and refined artful posing.   Our Newborn Model call will be is for the dates between April 22 and June 15.  If you are interested in this opportunity  you can read more information, our terms and conditions and apply at the following link.  Please pass this information on to anyone you feel may also be interested!  You can direct them straight here to the blog post or to our Little Wonders Portraiture Facebook Page.

Newborn Model Call Information



Little Wonders Portraiture is having a newborn model call in Kingwood, TX.

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